Entry #1, My Apartment, 16-6-2015, 1323 Edit

My new roommate burnt my old diary, so I've started a new one. I explained to her that the diary was a gift from the Doctor, but she still doesn't get the significance of that. I still have the data in my TARDIS, but I prefer the feeling of writing stuff down. Note to self: ask roommate to move out. Second note to self: Avoid having arsonists as roommate.

Entry #2, My Apartment, 16-6-2015, 1530 Edit

I just watched Mr. Hercules Vs. Mr. Hercules Against Karate. My message to anyone reading this: Do not waste two hours of your life on that piece of (Censored). I also solved a few arson cases, and my roommate's not going to be bothering me anymore. I need a new roommate though.

Entry #3, My Apartment, 17-6-2015, 1618 Edit

Just set up my room at the TARP headquarters. They recruited me a while ago, so I figured I'd decorate it a bit. Probably won't use it much. On an unrelated note, I seem to draw in conspiracy theorists and Daleks as roommates.

Entry #4, My Apartment, 11-11-2011, 1957 Edit

I decided to find the boy who gave me the comic book, and give the comic book to him. I found him on Nigel Tufnel Day. Unfortunately, the shock of becoming rich and getting back his dead brother's comic book gave the poor guy a heart attack, but I was not to blame, or at least that's what the police said.

Entry #5, My Apartment, 17-6-2015, 2152 Edit


Entry #6, My Apartment, 17-6-2015, 2155 Edit

I was just shooting the wall when the new roommate came in. She seemed out of place, but didn't seem conspiracy theorist-y or Dalek-y. I have a case though... I'll be back later.

Entry #7, The Bates Motel, Probably Earth, May-ish 1981 (if this is Earth), 2103 Edit

Today was a long day. My roommate got into my TARDIS, and... Did I forget to mention she was clumsy? I did. Anyway, she bumped into the controls, and he obviously wanted to mess with me... wait, maybe he didn't. Anyway, we found ourselves near a theater that was playing only two movies. The location will soon be made into an ice cream parlor, but that's beside the point. I had the feeling there was something inside there that was important. Ah, I hope I was wrong. It was NC-17, but the problem of being an alien and someone who was born in the 90's is easily avoided with a piece of psychic paper and a fake ID. Oh, that movie was pretty gruesome, but it would've been rated PG if it had been made a hundred years later. Now I know to never continue to play recordings starting with an explanation on the Book of the Dead... And my companion can't sleep. I'm not sure if its the fact that we've somehow managed to stumble upon an actual Bates Motel, or the movie...

Entry #8, The Bates Motel, Probably Earth, 4-5-1981 according to the people next door, 2222 Edit

I had a nightmare earlier. It wasn't the usual one, about the Fall of Gallifrey, but about regenerating as Bruce Campbell. Scary stuff. His face is weirder than the Eleventh Doctor. Note to self: Be more specific. Earth really isn't that specific of a place, if you think about it.

Entry #9, My Apartment, 19-6-2015, 1634 Edit

I rated the Bates Motel 1 out of 5 stars. On top of having roaches in the bathroom, it was the base of operation for an invasion attempt. I don't know which species was trying to invade us, though, because my roommate, who has refused to tell me her name until I tell her my real name, accidentally lit the place on fire. At least I think it was an accident. Please don't be another arsonist. Anyway, as we were leaving, she made us have a moment of silence for the roaches.

Entry #10, My Apartment, 20-6-2015, 1855 Edit

My roommate found a cow brain in the freezer. I had put it there to test her grossness tolerance, but I had to make up an excuse. I think it went, "I was seeing if brain matter could freeze in a conventional freezer." She responded by putting a fake fly in my ice cube. It's on.

Entry #11, My Apartment, 21-6-2015, 1913 Edit

My adoptive parents requested my help in finding out where their adoptive daughter, me, came from and who her, or rather, my parents were. They told me that they have hired several PIs over the years, and haven't had any luck. They didn't realize I was her, of course, because I am currently going by the name of Sadie Doyle even though I look nothing like the character. At least I don't act like her... Also, doing research on my roommate. I'm just making sure she's not an escaped convict, or worse, something that wants me dead.

Entry #12, My Apartment, 22-6-2015, 1752 Edit

Today was the worst day I've had since I regenerated. Another old acquaintance of mine died, but this time, it was of unnatural causes. The arsonist damaged my TARDIS when she lit herself on fire!

Entry #13, The Tardis Edit

You don't have to be alone when you're lonely. You don't have to be lonely when you'rIortunately, I am both of those things.

Entry #14 ? Edit

I accidentally crashed the TARDIS into a desert. Where and when am I, I don't know, but the sky is blue.

Entry #15, Alternate Earth, 29-7-2014 Edit

Thank goodness my oldest friend is not in the same position I am in currently. I crashed in Area 51, but it wasn't the Area 51 I remember. (Speaking of that, I need to pay them a visit for making me use a regeneration.) Rather, they were looking at me incredulously. I believe they suspected a hoax. They would've let me go if it weren't for one of the men going inside

Entry #16, Alternate Earth, 29-7-2014 Edit

The military just let me go because one of the generals or something liked... What was it? Doctor Who? Anyway, they not only let me go, but gave me parts as well. I'll be out of here in a minute, but why did he say that about my oldest friend? Hm. Interesting. Note: come back to it later.

Entry #17, My Apartment, 15-8-2016, 1159 Edit

Today, I got poisoned. Again. I know it was my roommate, and I know she was payed off to do the deed. In fact, the dirty deed was done dirt cheap. Ah, I couldn't resist it. AC/DC rocks. I know I'm going to have to start anew, but that's the way life works.

Entry #18, David's Apartment, 17-8-2016, 2101 Edit

Right when i started regenerating, a man barged in. "What's your name, and why are you here?" I asked. "What's your real name?" he replied, "You're obviously using an alias." I put my glowing hand behind my back. hoping he didn't notice. The man did. He pointed a gun at me, demanding, "Put your hands up where i can see them!"

I did. At that moment, he looked as scared as my guinea pig Flower was the time she jumped out of the cage. "Stop that!" he demanded. "I can't," I replied, "if I could I would." Something about me must of said I was speaking the truth, as he put his gun away. "Just one question: What are you?" His eyes lighted up with curiosity. I answered honestly "I am an alien from the planet Gallifrey." He almost fainted.

And that is when I regenerated. When I finished, he had a curious expression on his face. "What happened?" He inquired. "I'll explain later". I was feeling faint at the time, and the world was already a bit filled with static. "Can you get me a mirror?" I must've had a curious expression. He responded "There's one in the bathroom." I wasn't sure I could make it, and I told him just that. So I did an inspection from what I could see. I had brown, straight hair, and I was a female. "Yes!" I exclaimed. I really didn't want to be a male. That's when I collapsed.

The next thing I know is that I'm in his apartment two days later. I guess I needed the rest. I later asked him his name, and he informed me it was David something or other. I told him my name was Elizabeth. "Is that the truth?" He asked. "No, but that's what I'm going by from now on." David responded "Then I'm going to call you Libby." After years of being called Abby, I can't care.

Entry #19, David's Apartment, 18-8-2016, 1104 Edit

David reported to me today that I had actually been up for the two days that he told me I was asleep after I found some Gallifreyan writing scratched on a wall he covered up. Turns out, I was "speaking in tongues" and scratching the walls, and other things that he woudn't describe to me to prevent me from going into another "psychotic episode". I told him this:

"First of all, my behavior was purely do to the effects of the regeneration. I promise you, that will not happen until I regenerate again, which I hope I don't in your lifetime. Second of all, don't you dare hide anything from me." David responded to this by pulling up his shirt, and showing a bite mark.

"Now, that's a first. I've done quite unusual thing post-regeneration, but never bit someone." And I wasn't lying.

"You don't seem quite as upset about it as you should be. I could've called a mental hospital on you!" He looked dead serious.

"Thank you for not sending me there... last time people figured me out, I got dissected on..." And died.

"Really? What's so special about you? That your an alien?" He was curious.

"My variety of alien has something that your government wants: the power of regeneration." I shrugged this off.

"But isn't that why you bit me?"

"Yes, having all of the cells in your body rearrange is quite a traumatic process, but its still better than the alternative"

"You have a point there, Libby."