Emma is a four-hundred year old Wendigo who has recently taken up with TARP. She has centuries of experience and a body count longer than the U.S. constitution.

History Edit

Early Existance Edit

Emma's earliest memory is of waking up in a snowy forest with no recollection of who she was, where she was, or why she was so hungry. After regurgitating a large amount of blood and some human teeth (which she pocketed) she proceeded to find the nearest group of people and gorge herself on them. This marked the beginning of a near century long killing spree that took Emma across America before she finally settled on the East Coast. She took part in (i.e. was hanged at) the Salem Witch Trials, and in 1709 she stowed away on a boat headed for England. Here, she discovered the hard way that murder was a lot more difficult in governed societies. She was imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1734, managing to escape at the cost of her right hand. She learned to adapt to highly populated society and continued hunting in secret.

Personality Edit

If you're only an acquaintence with her she'll seems like a nice (albeit bland) person. Unfortunately, this most likely means she is lulling you into a false sense of security so she can lead you to a dark alley and eat you. In reality, Emma's mood frequently changes, from manic amusement to cynical lectures to just plain whiney. If she really likes a person she is uncharacteristically shy and subdued.

Appearance Edit

Emma is unnaturally tall, a fact diminished by her perpetual slouch. She appears utterly emaciated. Her right arm ends with a stump where her hand would be. The other arm sports an enlongated hand with bone rings on each finger. Her mouth (when not covered by a scarf) is scabbed and lipless, unable to hide the jagged teeth and unnaturally long tongue. Frostbite scars and blisters pepper her skin, concentrated on her extremities. There is a peculiar-shaped burn scar on the left side of her chest.