Giggling trees

Taken during the brief time of day where natural light is visible. Est. approx. minute 23.

Discovery Edit

Discovered by Olaf Whitsen and Xandra Trelawny with the assistance/backup of Joe while investigating a magic-sensitive area in the Nox Region of Vector 13. (See Xyzzy for list of vectors, explored and otherwise)

Description Edit

The trees are only active in the dark, if at all, and seem to metamorphosize from living flesh that has been contaminated by the trees. They are found to become flesh in the dark, sometimes even taking the form of human body parts, eg. a hand. Once light is shed; however, the form of tree bark is quickly taken. Very little else is known about that, which seems to be their greatest means of survival. Possible cause of this transformation could be related to the dying skill of phototransmorphication, though that remains disputed and unconfirmed.

Habitat Edit

These "trees" seem to thrive in the darkness that the Nox Region provides with its 45 hour night and 45 minute day. Artificial light is needed when exploring or charting this region and seems to be effective in keeping the trees at bay. Caution, this Vector is known to be magic-sensitive. Avoid using traditional spells/charms/portals. Repercussions may be dire. There has been one reported successful portal created in this land but this is highly complex magic and was cast by a highly skilled wizard with extensive knowledge of transportive portals. ATTEMPT AT OWN RISK.

Note, 11/17/14, HKoD, Xyz: Pack extra batteries.

Dealings with TARP Edit

Not much known. First encounter suggests an antagonistic relationship with TARP members, though this may easily be directed towards any humans/non-native life forms in general. Infection of some sort of metamorphic fungus was contracted by Nevah Gold close contact with a tree (Insert effect and/or result of infection).