A small, hovering surveillance drone who speaks in extended technical sentences and prefers an upper-class British accent. We don't know where he came from, we don't know why he stays, all we know is that he does, and that makes him cool.

Personality Edit

Jerry is incredibly honest with whichever member of TARP is handling him at the time, and will express any opinions he has without showing any concern about the effects it may have. However, no matter his opinions or concerns, he will follow all commands unquestionably within the reason of his ability.

Appearance/Abilities Edit

He is a small drone, barely larger than a human hand, with 3603 sensor range that can detect light waves from 103 hz to 1025 hz, and sound waves from 10-3 to 1020. He hovers using an EM drive repulsor lift and can easily dart around obstacles.