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Hi guys, this is ilikerandom/Eternal Darkness. Welcome to my character bio :P

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NOTE: All MARVEL based events are based of off the MCU

NOTE 2: I am starting to write a book on Wattpad about this, still a work in progress

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Beginning stuff (I'm still working this out) Edit

(Uh still working out the details, will give a basic overview)

Mercy Darkhood was born in 2168. The world was in the second Cold War, with HYDRA taken over the government. It was the world vs. HYDRA, if you want to think of it this way. Anyways, at age 8, Mercy's parents were brutally murdered by the government, being that they were ex-SHIELD agents in exile. After that, Mercy vowed revenge for her parents death, determined to hunt the murders. At age 14, Mercy has developed a symboite bonded suit (*cough* Endo-sim suit *cough* Superior Iron man *cough*). Black in color, it's equipped with dual daggers that can extend into longswords, along with repulsors and a stealth mode, enabling her to turn invisible. Her AI, Jocasta, assists her when needed. However, when Mercy was 16, the world decided it had enough with HYDRA, launching hydrogen bombs at all the major cities, including New York. No one expected it, thus destroying everything. Mercy was outside when the first bombs hit New York. All that could be seen was a bright light in the general direction of New York City, and then you died soon afterwards. However, Mercy miraculously was saved by somehow time-traveling back to current times, but with none of her memories intact except for her name, and her suit.

The Age of Avengers Edit

(This is pre-Age of Ultron and during AOU) Edit

Not knowing where she was at, Mercy wakes up to find herself on Avengers Tower. Trying to find a way down, she somehow breaks in and gets in the elevator to get on ground level. However, being the Avengers, they discover her "break-in" and Tony Stark (Iron Man), stops the elevator. Being scared, she quickly gets into a fight, being able to knock out everyone except for Thor, Iron Man, and Bruce Banner. Mercy is only stopped because of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, and a surprised Tony. Seeing the similarities between the two suits, Mercy is added to the Avengers' plan to raid a HYDRA base in Sokovia.

(Watch AOU if you haven't, then read on :P) Edit

Having the Avengers gain her trust, they make her an Avenger, however, Mercy and Tony still haven't figured out why their suits are so similar. When Mercy first meets Wanda (the part with the dream sequences), all Mercy gets are random flashbacks, which continue to affect her in her dreams. Mercy eventually asks Wanda later to see if she can recover her memories, but is unsuccessful doing so...

Civil War Edit

(IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED CW YET I WILL MURDER YOU) (jk :P but you probably should watch it before reading this so you have no spoilers :P) Edit

After Sokovia, Mercy posed as a new assistant for Tony, under the name of Amelia Bonaparte (yea yea, idc about secondary names). She changed everything about herself, and changed so much that the other Avengers didn't recognize her. After the meeting for the Sokovia Accords, she reveals herself to the other Avengers. Later on, Mercy secretly makes an agreement with Tony not to sign the Accords, but to appear as if she did sign them. When the first fight happened between the Avengers (airplane fight scene), she ended up being locked inside a room, but she eventually escapes, only to arrive to see James "Rhodey" Rhodes (War Machine) fall out of the sky, and the surrounding area to be in ruins. With many emotions running through her, Mercy demanded an explanation, but no one wanted to tell her. She accompanies Tony to the Raft, shocked at what she was seeing, and almost revealed her suit in order to break everyone out, but remembering the security cameras, she decides not to. Leaving the Raft, she and Tony fly to Siberia in hopes of finding Steve Rogers (Captain America) and James "Bucky" Barnes (Winter Soldier). They eventually do, but when Mercy sees the clip that revealed that Bucky murdered Tony's parents (I TOLD YOU THERE WOULD BE SPOILERS), she ends up having a mental breakdown, and her memories start coming back to her. She misses most of the fight, and when she recovers, she's able to stop Steve's final blow of Tony's arc reactor.

Tony later becomes scared of being near Mercy, for fear of hurting her. Mercy later signs up for high school, in order to keep herself busy and make Tony feel better.