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Backstory Edit

Mordicai never particularly enjoyed anything, but his signature hatred began when his village was razed by a dragon and his entire family, immediate and extended, was wiped out. As the last of his bloodline, he swore an oath to wipe out the draconic race, even if it meant giving up everything. He enlisted in the army and was given training with different weapons, many of which he found that he was naturally gifted with. He saw war as a game, almost, until his first battle. As his battalion was mounting an assault on the western wall of a city, the defenders launched fire arrows from their battlements, catching Mordicai and several of his allies alight. He survived, but he has a burn on his face that he keeps well hidden under his hood. After that, he saw war as the hell that it really was. But instead of quitting a life of military service, he rose through the ranks and became a general of his own army, which he dedicated to the extinction of dragons. After his army suffered a massive naval defeat and fled, Mordicai decided he was better off alone. He hunted dragons for several years before running into TARP, which he joined in hopes of recruiting followers, but ultimatley was caught up in adventuring with them.

Charachter infoEdit

Mordicai is a Warlock, to begin with. He manipulates fire and lightning to aid him in combat. His moody disposition reflects his traumatic past, one of much blood and death. While he may not be the ideal teammate, he is a huge benifit to anyone who is in a mideval or combat based RP. He is skilled in combat, climbing, stealth, and medicine. Though he has an average build, he can lift a knight in plate mail over his shoulder without much effort. 

Charachter RoleEdit

Mordicai is often used as fire support. People call on him when an enemy doesnt go down after a sustained beating, or doesnt seem to be weakening. He has also been used as a distraction, engaging an enemy in combat while allowing the rest of the group to sneak past or acheive another goal (retrieving an item, etc). His dominant personality makes him a noticable figure in the RPs he participates in, but he rarely leads the group, instead preferring to take orders from someone else or go alone.