Sister to Narnia Lover 1

Hi, I'm N2! Oh...right. See that girl in the corner, slurping her soup, nose in a book? Yeah....that's me.

OK! Better get started.

It started normally, Hercules and Hebe had a baby girl. They invited all the gods, Zeus on down, to a godly baby shower.( If you can imagine that, good for you)They lined up each with their gifts.Zeus gave her the gift of flight. Apollo gave her the gift of Healing. Aphrodite gave her beauty. Ares gave the gift of fierceness in war. Artemis gave her a bow and a quiver full of arrows. Demeter gave her nyphe like abilities. unfortunately Hades gave her - much to her parents chagrin - a cold heart. Hephaestus gave her the ability to use fire. Hera gave her a fiery temper. Hermes made her unpredictable. Hestia accepted her into TVG. (The Virgin Godesses) Iris gave her the gift of speed. Poseidon gave her the ability to swim like a niad.  


Another picture of Liz

For about 3 days all when well. Then one night the baby disappeared. Her parents checked all over Olympus. They even check Hades.Down on earth the baby, who for some reason was perfectly alright, lost her godly glow. 

Like any normal baby with a wet diper, hungry and alone, she started to cry. What she didn't know was that she was on the step of the Jedi temple. A small, green, hunched figure came out. Yoda. He picked up the baby god,now in human form,and carried her into the temple.

Several Years Later....

Now a Padawan, she was a very talented Jedi. Then,unfortunately,Order 66 was about to be given. She went to a house hoping not to be found. She ducked into a wardrobe to hide from the clone troopers. Suddenly she tripped over a root. A tree branch blocked her way. She brushed it aside, and stepped out. There was a lamp post in front of her. She stepped out of the trees and looked back. There was the wardrobe door. "Hello! Who are you?" A squirrel jumped into the clearing. " Um....T-talking squirrel? WHERE AM I?" At that moment with a thundering of hooves, a hunting party raced through the trees. They stopped when they saw her.

They brought her to a castle. Apparently he man leading the hunt was the king of the country called Narnia.

(She found her way into many other worlds, Including, not limited to, Middle earth, Asgard, Mt. Olympus and back to Narnia in the time of Prince Caspian.)

One day at a school for sorcerers, she suddenly bent to pick something up. She stared at what she had found. It looked like a watch. She opened it. Not a watch. The numbers where wrong. There was a button on the side. To tempting. She found herself spinning around and around... She stopped and looked around. She was... Where was she? Soon she found she was in a land called Pandora. And she also found that the "watch" was a time travel device. After a while she worked up the courage to say hello to a person. That person belonged to a club Called TARP. They kindly asked her to join. They called her N2. Many loved her, many hated her. Once she got turned into a half dragon half human mixture by the evil wizard, Harry Potter. It took 100 years to undo the spell! After that she was apprenticed to the former sorcerer Olaf of the white sun court. He sent her to many places and times to keep the Hero there on track. 

Time watch

This is my time travel device. The background is what it looks like going through time.


Most often seen wearing an olive green tunic, green combat boots and dark denim leggings. Her utility belt has two knifes, double bladed lightsaber , a sword and lots of other stuff. On her back is her bow and quiver. Leather lace-up arm guards. Fletching on arrows is from a green parrot. Potions, powders and vials are in pockets.Dark brown hair is usually in a braid, with bobby darts. ( bobby pins that are darts) One brown eye and one green eye* complete the look. Most well known weapon is a Chalice, with can turn into any weapon by pressing one of the jewels, and by looking at the engravings above it. It is the cup that the Greece Gods drink from to keep their immortality.


She's somewhere between 112 and 113 years old.


Bold and sassy. Always looking for an adventure, she tends to get in trouble. She's EXTREMELY curious! Some might call her brave.


She can even get past Elven lines without them knowing. Experienced in the force, and Jedi Knight. Expert archer. Dangerous with a sword. Time traveller. Martial arts Master. Spirit animal: Jackel: can see through chaos, and illusion.